November 27, 2015

How do we create and maintain 21st century career paths?

We have had regular enquiries into shortages of what we now call “digital skills” for almost 50 years. The underlying cyclical pattern was identified in the 1980s. Recession accelerates the decline in demand for old skills and delays investment in training for the new skills that are taking their pla...

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Smart Metering and the Power to Choose

The Forum reports on the opportunities and risks associated with the roll-out of smart energy meters. 

Why isn't there a British Google?

James Clark (Cass Business School, London) describes the differences in startup culture between the UK and USA. 

TalkTalk: Broadband and the Need for Competition

TalkTalk Group brief the Forum on the future of the UK broadband market.

NHS Information Systems

Dr Ellie Hopkins outlines the current state of information systems in the NHS, and draws comparisons with the USA. 

Cybersecurity Threat Update

Professor John Walker describes the current cybersecurity threats facing the UK. 

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